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Hazel Stone
United States
Current Residence: At home with the parrents. *blech*
Favourite genre of music: Anything with complex vocals
Operating System: Win98
MP3 player of choice: WinAmp
Been busy time at school.  I thought I was taking a fairly light class schedule, when I started, but math is kicking my rump (as expected).  Fortunately I'm getting some help from a friend so it's not going to be a problem.

English has been kind of a chore too. I'm taking a creative writing class just to see if I can get into it.  So far, it's not bad, but I think that the teach is a bit of a wack job.  Nothing specific, it's just the way he'll stop in mid sentance, turn to starte at someone for no reason, then turn away and start talking again.  It's really weird.

My parrents finally ordered a computer for me. It's a refurbished Dell.  My mothers reasoning is that I'm not serious about school, so she shouldn't buy a serious computer.  If I get good grades this semester, then they'll buy me a better computer.  Right now, I don't really care. I just want to give Katayamma his laptop back before I destroy it.  I've dropped it twice now.  The first time I just cracked the case and broke off a piece of the corner.  Last time, I broke the wireless card and screwed up the card slots.  I was never so scared to talk to someone as I was when I showed him the laptop.  Poor guy. He just looked real sad, kind of sighed and then managed to jimmy in a regular ethernet card and get it working.  If ever I have the money, I swear I'm going to buy him a new laptop to replace that one.

Other than that, not much is happening in my world. School, school and more school.  That and Val, my steampunk gothic roommate who can't seem to smile for fear it'll cause the earth to end.  She plays this horribly depressing, everything's shit int he world and fuck it all because it's not worth it type music. God I can't handle it.   I think I've got it worked out, though.  Katayamma made me a CD of Japanese bubblegum music and I played it real loud while she was playing her stuff.  Now we both wear headphones. [giggles]  Chalk one up for the squirrel girl.

That's it for now.  Thanks for the comments on the latest picture!!!
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JessicaIngmann Nov 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't guess you're comin' back. But hey! Just wanted ta say you have a super cute character! :3
Red-Skwerl Aug 12, 2008
Hello are you there it's been 4 years so long I wanted to say great gallery and ohh uhhwere are ya :P
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You've got a kewl Gallery!
Here! have a :+devwatch: :!:
Thanks for watchin' ^_^

Btw, I really like ur art here :)

Thanks. It's all done by other people. I can't draw. :(
thanks for the fav an watching me, i like your character... i was just having a look see through your gallery ^^
vaporotem Jul 1, 2004  Professional General Artist
ai! thank you much for the watch! =D i really love it in here, keep it comeing xD
Jindra Jul 1, 2004
Wow, crazy hazie´s also here!
Whoa! I didn't know that your art was that good!

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